Dr. George J. Anastasopoulos

Website: www.staregister.org

Dr. George Anastasopoulos is the Chairman of Personnel Certification Body STAREGISTER International Inc. He is also the General Secretary of the International Personnel Certification Association IPC.

He has also been Chairman of the Board of Directors of the International Personnel Certification Association IPC, International Development Manager for Personnel Certification Body PEOPLECERT, Regional Executive Director for Europe and Middle East of the international personnel certification organization RABQSA and member of the Accreditation Panel of the United Nations Kyoto Protocol system UNFCCC/CDM.

He served as Secretary General for Industry of the Ministry of Development and Secretary General of Communications of the Ministry of Transport and Communications in Greece

He graduated from Mechanical Engineering Dpt. of Patras’ University in Greece and his postgraduate studies include an MSc and a PhD in Applied Mechanics from Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois (USA).

Dr. George Anastasopoulos has extended experience in planning and implementing projects in various industrial sectors including telecoms, IT, textile, shipping, health etc. He is also experienced in business process reengineering (BPR) and the design, implementation and auditing of Management Systems. He has been Senior Consultant, Lead Assessor and approved Lead Tutor for the American Accreditation body IAS, the Hellenic Accreditation Body and many other organizations and certification bodies in Europe. He has also participated in numerous Technical Committees of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and International Accreditation Forum (IAF).

Dr. Anastasopoulos presented many papers in technical and financial conferences, magazines and newspapers and has been the author of many articles and books. He also presented many lectures as keynote speaker in topics such as Management Systems, Business Process Reengineering, Telecoms-FTTH-IT, Quality Assurance and Process Auditing. He participated in numerous consulting and research projects sponsored by government and industry in USA, European Union and many other countries worldwide.


Validation and Verification of a Testing Methodology for the Personal Attributes Competence Element of Management System Auditors.

This paper describes the methodology and validation process of an e-based online or a manually provided examination (assessment tool) developed exclusively to examine Management System Auditors’ ability to demonstrate required personal attributes. The attributes were determined following extensive national and international research on published national and international standards. The developed examination is not a 'go/no-go' evaluation. It indicates where an applicant may experience difficulty in terms of demonstrating specific attributes and should be considered in relation to other competency Management System Auditors examination methods of skill, knowledge and qualification.

The test development was financed and developed by STAREGISTER International Inc. and is already utilized by third Personnel Certification Bodies for certification purposes. At the present it is validated to be used in 3 languages (English, Russian, Greek) and a forth one (Turkish) is in process.

The test can be used by Management Systems Certification Bodies and other Organizations for the selection and development of their auditors./p`>

This paper describes the methodology and the validation method, including numerical results of the following processes:

  • Identification of Personnel Attributes;
  • Test Characteristics;
  • Test Design and Verification;
  • Confidence Level and Reliability calculations;
  • Test Design Validation methodology and numerical results;
  • Equivalence Study and
  • Test reporting.

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