Cornelia Butnaru

Cornelia Butnaru is a Bachelor of Science and Education in Chemistry and was active in the quality field since I finished the university. During her practical experience she passed through lab and production quality control, then quality inspection activities in several chemical companies. But the total dedication to the quality field happened at the beginning of the 90ties, when she participated in her first training course on quality assurance; in 1993 she started to work as a trainer, consultant and finally as an auditor for quality management systems and not only. Since almost 20 years she is a certified quality management auditor, being active on behalf of Quality Austria for auditing management systems in countries speaking other languages than German. For more than 15 years, until 2012, she was the CEO of a training and consultancy company for design and development of management systems. During these 25 years of activity in the field of quality she participated with presentations on quality topics in numerous congresses and seminars in Romania, Morocco, Croatia, Serbia, Kosovo, Turkey, Dubai and Japan. Currently she is the Quality and Operations Manager of the European Organization for Quality, enjoying through my work and involvement the cultural diversity and European harmonization of our organization’s activities. Her favorite quote on quality is that of Aristotle - Quality is not an act, it is a habit.

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