As a Petroleum & Natural Gas Engineer, technical academic literacy to work in all process stages of fuel &fuel products from Earth to the end user.

7 years ALPG sites construction and maintanence experience. Also 1,5 years WO sites experience.
As a result of both working experience in contractor and customer companies, ability to understand both sides, approach the events by thinking as both sides and have facility to find the best solutions for all.
Performance and efficiency management, contract management, Budget management
Engineering and administrative experience in maintenance and construction facilities of LPG bulk, cylinder & autogas stations
Skill degree HSE knowledge;both in Design-Construction-Maintenance
Management experience of Engineering contractors and RT contractors
Asset integrity management
Experience on metal management and cost reduction
Internal auditing skill
Operational expertise on fuel and LPG S&D, skill level on fuel S&D customs operations.
Experience on operational activities of fuel and LPG storage plants, storage and inventory tracking knowledge.
Construction of other fuel systems. Full management of NTS & NTI construction facilities.
Management experience on Sales and Marketing activities of fuel stations.
Working as a consalidator of one other first project with TSE: “Costumer Oriented Companies” and “Costumer Oriented Brand”

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