The EOQ Congress is a yearly event since 1957, where professionals from Europe and all over the world, come together to meet, network and learn form each other. EEDE being the National Representative Organization of EOQ in Greece, has the honour and responsibility of organizing the 59th EOQ Congress.

The EOQ Congress 2015 will be hosted in Athens, Greece, on 11-12 June 2015, and proceedings will focus on the theme “Is Quality a Philosophy or is it a Mindset?"

This event serves as an opportunity to draw together leading international speakers and professionals specializing in the field of quality. It provides a unique platform for both researchers and practitioners from around the world to meet and discuss challenges in quality leadership.

At least 300 participants from Greece and abroad are expected to attend .The Congress will attract a community of top-level executives, managing directors, general managers, experts, executives and advisers in the field of quality management, representatives from international quality associations, who share a passion for exchanging ideas and analysis in the specific field. Apart from the enlightening experience that the keynote speakers themselves will provide, the event will present a rich and diverse list of abstract topics, tailored to a truly international audience of experts and specialists. Through a wide variety of sessions participants will be encouraged to exchange experiences, expertise and good practice, as well as to undertake initiatives which may lead to long-lasting quality projects, partnerships and networks.

The 59th EOQ Congress track topics include:

  • Personnel Certification
  • Meet the European Quality Leaders
  • Quality Management philosophy: preventative and appraisal quality activities
  • Quality control and management
  • Quality assessment methods
  • Quality systems thinking
  • Knowledge management, quality management vs. innovation
  • Quality systems applicable to government organizations
  • Quality in human resource development areas
  • Quality management applicable to educational systems
  • Quality assurance in the medical industry
  • Quality assurance in healthcare
  • Software quality assurance
  • Integrating Quality in strategic management
  • Total Quality Management: principles and case studies
  • Policy Trends with implications for Quality Assurance
  • Performance measurement and quality audit
  • Method of self-assessment, quality auditing
  • Determining Quality policy as part of a company’s core values
  • Leadership in service delivery
  • Benchmarking, local versus global perspectives
  • Recent development in models and standards
  • Role of standards in quality improvement
  • Quality Management-focused research
  • Innovations in making Quality matter
  • Internationalization and its impact on quality and Quality Assurance
  • Key strategies for creating a Culture of Compliance

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Contact Us

* If you are interested to attend the Congress, please contact
Mr. Paris Koronaios
Tel.: +30 2102112000 (*723)

* If you are interested to participate as a speaker at the Congress, please contact
Mrs. Angeliki Theodorakopoulou
Tel.: +30 2102112000 (*525)


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