Axel Dick

Axel Dick has been working for Quality Austria since 2005. Since January 2015 Dick is now responsible for Business Development Environment and Energy in the areas of system-, product- certification and certification of persons. He has developed the new seminar "internal energy auditor" in a couple of weeks. This seminar has become a very successful training product within some months. At the 21st qualityaustria Forum he talked about the chances and leverage of material and energy efficiency in the context of European guidelines, national law and ISO standards. Dick is member of the editorial council of the Austrian magazine Q1. He is author for the magazines Umweltjournal and Umweltschutz der Wirtschaft. For he writes blogs about quality & efficiency. 2012 Axel Dick and Wolfgang Hackenauer published the book "Geschichte der Umweltpolitik in der Europäischen Union" (The history of the environmental policy in the EU). He was also responsible for the project management of the 52nd EOQ Congress in Vienna 2008.



Chances by ISO 50001. How to manage energy efficiency and how to increase profitability!

Global warming is a global threat. The global community has agreed on that the temperature increase shall not be more than 2 degrees. As a consequence the EU has passed the directive 2006/32/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 5 April 2006 on energy end-use efficiency and energy services. The EU has defined the Europe 2020 goals. One goal is to increase the energy efficiency by at least 20% until 2020. Some EU member states have passed national laws in 2014 or 2015, in Austria for instance the Bundesenergieeffizienzgesetz (EEffG), in Germany the Energiedienstleistungsgesetz (EDL-G). The implementation and certification according to ISO 50001 plays an important role in achieving this European goal. International surveys prove that between 10-30% of the energy costs could be saved by managing energy efficiency programs. Thus the profitability can be increased up to 2%. But what are the crucial success factors? What shall be considered in implementing the ISO 50001?


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