Iurii Kabakov

Mr. Iurii Kabakov was born in Kiev in 1955. An actual member of International quality professionals guild.

National Representative of Ukraine in the European network of CAF model (Common Assessment Framework), which was developed by the European Commission and the European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA) to improve the management of public sector organizations.

Certified Quality Management and Environmental Management Auditor of European organization for quality (EOQ). Studied in Germany, Russia.
Certified Senior Counsel of management systems EOQ.
Certified EOQ Management System Senior Consultant.
Certified EOQ Process Manager.
Certificate with Distinction from “International Standardized Testing Organization (ISTO)” about Excellent Understanding of the ISO 9000 Series of Standards.
EFQM “Recognized for Excellence” (R4E) Level Assessor, “Committed to Excellence” (C2E) Level Validator, trained in Belgium.
Has certificate of manager, auditor and consultant on environmental issues, by IRIS (Germany).
Studied in Russia for a Information Security Management (ISO 17799) and Social Accountability (SA 8000).
Studied in SGS on the IRCA chart certification for Health and Safety Management (OHSAS 18001)
Member of Ukrainian Technical Comity 93 “Quality Management Systems, Environmental Management Systems and foodstuffs safety”

Kiev Shevchenko State University, faculty of cybernetics, specialty - applied mathematics.
Scientific degree:
candidate of technical sciences (PD) degree, specialty - theoretical bases of informatics
Have more then 50 published works.
Professional experience:
  • Institute of Cybernetics, USSR Academy of Sciences, a leading researcher.
  • Research and Consulting Center "Reform", the deputy director on information and software.
  • State Center of Quality Systems "PRIROST-System" (Ukrainian Association for Quality, UAQ), Deputy Director.
  • LLC "QPC " Systems "(UAQ), Deputy Director.
  • Training Centre "PRIROST-Academy" (UAQ), trainer.
  • Рersonnel certification body of Ukrainian Association Quality, Director.

Have a large experience of Management Systems development in accordance with the international standards ISO 9001 (Quality Management), ISO 14001 (ecological management), SA 8000 (Management of Social Accountability), EFQM Excellence Model in organizations of different areas (more than 50 organizations), including the executive power of Ukraine.
Has a long-term experience of teaching in the area of Quality Management, Ecological Management, Management of Social Accountability, management methods, including statistical, TQM, model EFQM.
Languages: Russian, Ukrainian - fluent, English - read, talk.


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