Susanne Lehnert

After studying agricultural sciences at the university of Göttingen and doctorate at the university of Bonn, Dr. Susanne Lehnert had diverse management positions in various companies and organizations of the agricultural sector. Repeatedly, she collaborated in research projects and initiatives in the agri-food sector. The advancement of education and training concepts in quality management belongs to her working priorities. Additional, she has been senior auditor at the German certification body AGRIZERT Ltd. for more than 15 years.

Actual functions and responsibilities:

  • Member of the International FoodNetCenter, University of Bonn (Field: DGQ Quality System Manager Junior)
  • Host lecturer at the faculty of agricultuer, University of Bonn, in the DGQ-certified training course “Quality Manager Junior”
  • PhD on certification schemes for primary production in agriculture. Research project led to the foundation of branch-specific certification body AGRIZERT, Ltd. in Bonn in 1995
  • First Executive Director of AGRIZERT, Ltd., and led the accreditation process
  • Lead Auditor for AGRIZERT Ltd. since 1996
  • Coordinator of the EU initiative FOSAQUA (Food Safety Qualification Alliance)
  • Member of GIQS eV (Cross-Border Integrated Quality Systems)
  • Member of the Working Group on Education within Bonn.realis (Bonn Research Alliance of Innovative Information Systems in International Quality Food Chain and Crisis Communication)
  • Member of the Education Working Group within the EU initiative Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) Food4Future

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