Dr.Arben Memo

Dr.Arben Memo is graduated in Chemistry and Chemical Technology at Tirana University in 1993. He holds a Master Degree in Environmental Management and Policy from the University of Manchester and a PhD Degree in Chemistry from the University of Siegen in Germany . Dr.Memo is the General Manager of the Company QPLAN International Network of Experts (www.qplan-ine.com) which performs consulting services for private and public sector in the areas of quality management , environmental management , food safety , laboratory safety , information security etc.. Consultancy offered by QPLAN-INE is based on models and best international practices such as ISO Standards, EFQM, CE Marking, CAF .

Dr.Memo currently is teaching at the University of Tirana and leads the Association of Professional Consultants ACN-Albanian Consulting Network (www.albconsulting.org). During his professional carrier of over 20 years, Dr.Memo has worked in the industry for being a relatively long time technical manager of a detergent manufacturing company. He speaks and writes fluent English and German and can also communicate very well in Italian.


Assuring ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Management system representatives’ authority, responsibility and competences on implementation of those management system standards though increased competences in order to achieve what from those standards is and will soon be required.

Paper addresses the current requirements for the Management systems’ representatives as defined from ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 management standards in force and under revision, regarding their relevant authorities, responsibility and competences. Based on up to date experiences on their implementation it has become obvious the need for the strengthening of the leadership of organization top-management executives. But this should not diminish the need and the importance of having on place professional Management systems’ representative. Just imposing the attention only to the top-management can create an important risk on impairing the authority, responsibility and competencies required for Management systems’ representatives. Besides more currently there not very much top management executives who might be considered competent and fit, on the good benefit of their organizations, knowing what really means to implement and maintain professionally the relevant ISO standards. As the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 will be soon reissued, without the necessary qualifications and competences of the management systems representative, will be more difficult to assure their necessary authority. Even currently it is quite difficult for a management system representative to assure her/his authority against well established and educated basic professionals at the organization like engineers, executive managers, marketing and sales professionals, etc. If this problem will not be addressed correctly the new revised and more demanding ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 standards might have unexpected implementation difficulties.

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