Olga Stajdohar-Paden

Olga Stajdohar-Paden basic education is electrical engineering but since many years she has been involved in quality issues. She has been quality manager of the first accredited laboratory in Croatia since the year 1997 and this includes human resources management as well. She actively participates in domestic and international conferences and seminars as organizer and presenter and is the author of many published articles in domestic and foreign magazines, organizes courses and gives lectures for laboratory staff covering topics such as Laboratory on the free market; Documentation management; Interlaboratory comparisons; Management of testing equipment; Laboratory staff competences. She also works as auditor for Agency for Science and Higher Education in teams for assessment of quality assurance in science and higher education.

She is the author of the book ”To swim with ISO and stay alive – What is quality and how to manage it in business and private life”. Her final thesis at University postgraduate study of Industral Engineering and Management, Faculty of Machinery and Naval Architecture, University of Zagreb was “Elements of quality assurance at erecting electrical power facilities”.

She strongly believes in life long learning and takes every opportunity to improve her knowledge and skills in many areas. Networking is one of her favorite activities and feels her obligation is to share knowledge with others.


Quality infrastructure of the global market and the role of accredited laboratories

The most important activity for the prosperity of every economy is the exchange of goods and services. Nothing happens until somebody sells something to somebody else. The more often, the better. In order to facilitate that exchange of goods and services, every country must ensure complete trust between sellers and buyers. The buyer must be convinced that what he or she buys is safe and of declared quality. And that is why in the past as well as nowadays, there always has been established a certain quality infrastructure. Laboratories play important role in safety and quality of products appearing in the global market and in achieving confidence and trust between suppliers and consumers. That’s why it is also important to have confidence into the test reports laboratories issue. This leads us to the accreditation of laboratories, for instance according to the internationally recognized standard ISO/IEC 17025. The article shows the modern quality infrastructure, place and role of each participant in it with special attention to the accreditation and accredited laboratories.

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