Annabelle Palladas

Dr. Annabelle Palladas is currently working at Information Society S.A. (Greece), as Internal Auditing and Quality & Administrative Proficiency System Manager. She is a certified ISO 9001 Quality System, ISM and HACCP Auditor as well as Certified Adult Trainer, BRAVO Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Awards Assessor and former European Quality Award Assessor (SME Category).

Her fields of business expertise are: Quality Management, Business Excellence (especially in high tech and IT &Telecoms companies - private and government sectors), CAF (Common Assessment Framework), Internal Auditing, Project Management and, in particular, EU co-funded project management, Corporate Governance - Responsibility - Sustainability Report Assessing, Adult Training and Metrology.

A. Palladas holds post-graduate Degrees: (a) Management & Business Administration (MBA), (b) Quality Management (c) Adult Distance Learning and (d) (Low Energy) Plasma Physics (Ph.D. and D.E.A.). Her graduate degree is in Physics.

She has worked as Corporate Quality Manager, Business Consultant, Quality System and Internal Auditor, Adult Trainer (in all her business and academic fields), as well as Low Energy Plasma Physics Researcher (University of Crete - Greece, Universite P. Sabatier - France) and Hellenic Open University Associate (in post-graduate Quality Management, Business Excellence and Metrology courses).

Creator of a pioneering integrative business - corporate management paradigm (HIMS®) and an interactive software application (eCalQ®), A. Palladas is a recognized author, with approximately 100 international - national publications, conference announcements and lectures on: Quality and Business Management - Excellence, Adult Education, Metrology and Physics. In 2006, she won the 1st Prize of the IDEOPOLIS National Business Plan Contest.

Titles / Memberships: EOQ (European Organization for Quality) IPN Member, ASQ (American Society for Quality) Senior Member & Country Counselor for Greece, as well as ASQ’s QMD OETC (Organizational Excellence Technical Committee) Member representing Europe. IIA (Institute of Internal Auditors) Member and HIIA (Hellenic Institute of Internal Auditors) Member.


Design, Development, Implementation, Certification and Auditing of a combined Quality & Administrative Proficiency System (“SDEP”), internally developed, in an EU co-funded ICT organization of the Greek general government

As an introduction to the paper, after a short commentary on the Congress’ theme: “Is quality a mindset or a philosophy?”, the EU co-funded ICT Greek general government (broad public sector) organization: Information Society S.A., as well as its immediate, greek, and broader, european, operational environments, and the role the organization plays in them, are briefly presented. Information Society S.A., founded in 2001 and carrying the business name distinctive title: KtP A.E., is a leading (private law and non-profit) organization in Project Management of ICT (Information & Communication Technology) projects for the Greek government. Within the context of the “National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF)” 2007 - 2013 (public works, public supply contracts and public service contracts), KtP A.E. is currently: (a) a beneficiary of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the European Social Fund (ESF), for the Operational Programs: “Digital Convergence” and “Administrative Reform 2007 - 2013” mainly, and (b) an Intermediate Managing Authority for Digital Convergence State Aided Projects of private sector enterprises.

In its first part, the paper presents the theoretical basis used in designing and developing the organization’s combined Quality & Administrative Proficiency System (called “SDEP”, from its abbreviated greek title). This basis consists mainly of: (a) the principles, philosophy, logic and characteristics of the HIMS© (HyperIntegrative Management System) Model, developed by the author, more than a decade ago, and (b) the requirements of the standards: ELOT (Hellenic Organization for Standardization) national standard 1429: “Managerial capability of organizations implementing projects of public interest” (with relevant Application Guides) and ISO 9001 - Quality Management System Requirements”.

In the second part of the paper, the main phases, steps, tasks and activities regarding the design, development, implementation, certification and auditing of KtP A.E.’s SDEP, are presented.

The paper’s third part is, in essence, a commentary on the benefits, particularities, advantages and disadvantages, as well as the lessons learned, regarding the design, development, implementation, certification and auditing of KtP A.E.’s combined Quality & Administrative Proficiency System (SDEP).

Finally, the paper concludes with a short commentary on the linkage of KtP A.E.’s role, function and SDEP with the general mindset and philosophy regarding quality in the broad greek public administration sector


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