EOQ Member Meetings

Monday 8 June

TWG meeting 13.00-19.00 EEDE premises

Tuesday 9 June

PRU meeting 10.00-15.00 EEDE premises
Executive Board meeting 15.30-19.00 EEDE premises

Wednesday 10 June

General Assembly 10.00-16.00 Royal Olympic Hotel
Presidential meeting 16.30-19.00 Royal Olympic Hotel

Congress program

Wednesday 10 June Royal Olympic Hotel

Welcome reception 20:00

Thursday 11 June EEDE premises

09:30-10:00 Welcome Coffee & Registrations
10:00-13:00 Plenary session
10:00-10:05 Welcome speech, Mr. George Georgiades, President EOQ
10:05-10:10 Welcome speech, Mr. Constantinos Lambrinopoulos, President EEDE
10:10-10:20 Representative of the Government (TBC)
10:20-11:00 “Ethical components in Quality management” Keynote Speaker, Professor Theodossios P. Tassios
11:00-11:20 Coffee Break
11:20-12:00 “Quality as Philosophy and Mindset”
Greg Watson, Chairman Business Excellence Solutions, Ltd. & Past President, International Academy for Quality
12:00-12:30 “New managers for new quality - How competences and certification for quality managers evolve because of the development of ISO 9001”
Anni Koubek, Quality Austria
12:30-13:15 “Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Accident. Our lessons for higher quality service”
Kenji Iino, Japanese Association for the Study of Failure
13:15-14:15 Lunch
14:15-15:00 Keynote Speaker, John Pearson, Shazam Entertainment - “A Culture of Quality”
15:00-17:00 Parallel Sessions
1 Meet the European Quality Leaders (part of EOQ GA)
  • Annette Geirnaert, VCK, Belgium (Chairman)
  • Katrien Cardoen, Belgium
  • Xavier Quérat-Hément, France
  • Uwe Schweigert, Germany
  • George Skrimizeas, Greece
  • Abay Baigenzhin, Kazakhstan
  • Antonio Padin Alcorlo,, Spain
  • Jean-Paul Teyssen, Carglass, Belgium
  • Constantinos Evripidis, Genesis Pharma, Greece
2 Performance measurement & Benchmarking
  • Tani Jarvinen, Finland (Chairman)
  • Kristin Case, USA – “Using Baldrige Scoring Dimensions to Improve Process Audits”
  • Henry Sivusuo, Finland – “How values guide an organisation towards excellence. Case: The Finnish Air Force”
  • Pearl Park, Korea – “KNQA’s effects on Korean national industrial development; based on the winners progress”
  • Galina Ivanova, Russia – “Improving the sustainability of development and the Quality of Life based on the Economics of Quality”
  • Susanne Lehnert, Germany – “EQA European Qualification Alliance EQA – on the way to EOQ recognized personnel certification in agro-food chains”
3 Quality management applicable in educational systems
  • Tiia Tammaru, Estonia (Chairman)
  • Ion Hohan, Romania – “Contribution to the Development of a CVT QMS according to the EQAVET-EU Recommendation”
  • Ioannis Tsountas, Cyprus – “The preservation of a certified quality management system by Cypriot construction companies during the past years of the economic crisis”
  • Alexandros Antonaras, Cyprus - “Customer-Oriented Quality Management System in Cyprus Higher Education”
  • Iurii Kabakov, Ukraine – “Quality Relay Race: About Involvement of Youth into the Quality Movement”
  • Olga Stajdohar-Paden, Croatia – “Setting the Quality Mindset in Higher Education Subjects with Topics of Quality Management”
21:00 Gala Dinner, Zappeion Conference& Exhibition Centre
European Quality Leader Award

Friday 12 June EEDE premises

09:30-10:00 Welcome Coffee
10:00-11:00 Plenary session
“why good quality is good business - from a Portobello bedroom to a global ethical brand: the success story of Green & Black’s organic chocolate”
Keynote Speaker, Jo Fairley, Entrepreneur, Judges Bakery,
The Wellington Centre
11:00-11:15 Coffee Break
11:15-13:00 Parallel Sessions
4 Personnel Certification (part of EOQ GA)
  • Thomas Votsmeier, Germany (Chariman)
  • Cornelia Butnaru, EOQ – “EOQ Approach for European Harmonized Competence Recognition”
  • George Anastasopoulos, Greece – “Validation and Verification of a Testing Methodology for the Personal Attributes Competence Element of Management System Auditors”
  • Arben Memo, Albania – “Assuring ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Management system representatives’ authority, responsibility and competences on implementation of those management system standards”
  • Axel Dick, Austria – “Chances by ISO 50001 - How to manage energy efficiency and how to increase profitability!”
  • Virginios Voudouris, Greece – “Certification of persons. Just a new certification “product” or a true market expectation? The initiative of fabricating “accredited” person certification scheme according to the Greek model”
5 Quality Management Philosophy
  • Torolf Paulshus, Norway (Chairman)
  • Hans-Jürgen August, Austria – “Philosophy and Mindset, Process and Culture - Understanding What Determines Quality Results”
  • Maria Gianni, Greece – “Quality management adoption and competitiveness of Greek companies in a fluctuating economic environment”
  • Renata Novakova, Slovakia – “Quality management as part Smart policies of the region, alias the new mindset in public administration”
  • Willy Vandenbrande, Belgium – “ISO 9001:2015, a Footnote in the History of Quality”
  • Sidsel Winther Storaas, Norway – “Compliance and leadership – managing risk and delivering high quality in Statoil”
6 IAQ Session
  • Pal Molnar, President of IAQ (Chairman)
  • Roland Jahnke, Vice President of IAQ – “Today for Tomorrow: Education for Sustainable Development”
  • Juhani Anttila, Finland – “Striving for the “Quality society” through high quality education and lifelong learning”
  • Janos Takacs – “Development Program for Supplier”
  • Tani Järvinen, Finland: Quality and Innovation, together they create competitiveness
  • Yuri Gusakov, Russia (Chairman)
  • Annabelle Palladas, Greece – “Design, Development, Implementation, Certification and Auditing of a combined Quality & Administrative Proficiency System (“SDEP”), internally developed, in an EU co-funded ICT organization of the Greek general government”
  • Elizabeth Anne Cudney, USA – “Improving Patient Access to Care through Quality improvement”
  • Angelos Pantouvakis, Greece – “TQM factors and performance outcomes in the hotel industry. Evidence from Greece”
  • Shogo Kato, Japan – “Development of an Assessment System for Preventing Patient Falls in Hospitals based on Multivariate Analysis”
  • Li Yan, China – “Establishment of Quality Management System at Institution”
13:00-13:45 Lunch
13:45-15:15 Parallel Sessions
8 EOQ Projects (part of EOQ GA)
  • Eric Janssens, Director General EOQ (Chairman)
    Brand Management
  • Greg Watson – “Unifying Quality Methods: The Structured Continual Improvement Model”
  • Mr. Simon Feary & Mr. David Armstrong , CQI,UK – “Repositioning the quality profession”
    Quality Mark: Zoran Lekic, Grigol Kuntchulia
  • Ege Izgi Çakir, Bülent Pişkin, Buğra Çakir, Turkish Standards Institution, “New Opportunity to Customer Perception: Customer Oriented Company and Customer Oriented Brand”
  • Tunç Demir, AYGAZ A.Ş., “Suatainable Quality: Customer Oriented Company and Customer Oriented Brand”
  • Çağrı Esmerligil, SHELL TURCAS A.Ş., “Welcome to SHELL”
9 Innovations in making Quality matter
  • Ann Kint, Belgium (Chairman)
  • Carlos de Castro, Novelis Aluminium Europe - “Achieving Excellence In Quality By Transforming The Culture”
  • Azat Abdrakhmanov, Kazakhstan – “Innovation Management for the Leadership and Sustainable Development of the Medical Organizations”
  • EA Cudney & K Case, USA – “Using Hoshin Kanri to Address ISO 9001:2015 Requirements”
  • Vladimir Galeev, Russia –“Integration of Quality management system and Energy management system in the context of mandatory national requirements related to energy preservation”
  • Iurii Kabakov, Ukraine – “3D-Мodel of Successful Organization’s Management System”
  • Guus van Beek, EQUASS, Belgium - “Quality in Social Services – need for a paradigm shift?”
10 TQM_Industrial Applications
  • Anni Koubek, Austria (Chairman)
  • Matthew Barsalou, Germany – “Empirical Root Cause Analysis and the Customer Supplier Interface”
  • Bernd Mittmann, Germany & Qin Zhang, China – “How the Human Factor Impacts the Technical Problem Solving Strategy”
  • Loic Sauvée, France – “Collective initiatives for the implementation of food safety management system standards in the USA and France”
  • Martin Boehme, Germany – “Analyzing the Impact of Quality Tools and Techniques on Quality Related Costs: Comparing German Industries”
  • Tommy Lo, Hong Kong – “Design and Implementation of Product Certification System for Building & Construction Materials”
  • Drewin Nieuwenhuis, CEOC International_Research, Belgium – “Consumer Product Safety an Industrial Protection in Europe and elsewhere”
15:15-15:30 Coffee Break
15:30-16:30 “Shifting to a quality mindset”, Keynote Speaker, Konstantinos Karypidis, “Mentalist Performer”
16:30-17:00 Closing session & flag to Finland
* has been invited
Programme as of 11 June 2015

Post-Congress Event

Saturday 13 June

One-day Master Class with Greg Watson "Leading a Lean Transformation" EEDE premises
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