Henry Sivusuo

Full name:Henry Ilpo Antero Sivusuo

Branch: Air Force

Present position: Development Director at Finnish Air Force Adjunct professor (docent) at national Defence University in Finland

Education: Doctor of Science (Tech.), 2006, University of Vaasa Finland, Doctoral thesis: “The implementation of quality thinking in the Finnish Air Force Master of Science in Technology, 1978, Helsinki University of Technology, major subjects aerodynamic and aircraft structures

Scientific work: Special interest areas are organisation culture and continuous development Conferens papers presented in India, Israel, Hungary and Finland. Acting as an opponent in several doctoral theses in Universities of Vaasa, Tampere and Oulu in Finland.


How values are guiding organisation to excellence
Case: The Finnish Air Force

The mission of the Finnish Air Force is to safeguard and defend the nation’s airspace also under exceptional circumstances. This mission requires modern aircraft and other up-to-date equipment and training in their use in all conditions.

The primary resource of the Finnish Air Force is our dedicated personnel comprising salaried military and civilian service members, conscripts, and reservists. The recruitment and know-how of our personnel is mostly at our own hands, and in this field we are successfully aiming to become world leaders. Over and over again, we put our skills and knowledge to test in combined exercises and evaluations ― and we do not accept average results. Even in the competitive environment of increasing know-how we emphasize fair play, which in turn creates favourable atmosphere for mutual encouragement between the members of our close-knit community.

We can present management as a quadrangle divided into four segments. The two upper segments are management and organisation structures including, typically, handbooks, manuals and organisation charts. The lower part contains leadership, followership and organisation culture. Management theory says that the lower part of the management quadrangle is more powerful in enabling an organisation to achieve the designated results. An organisation’s values belong to the lower part, and under organisation culture in particular.

In the Finnish Air Force we have formulated our value statement “Qualitas Potentia Nostra” (Quality is our strength), which guides every service member in his or her work. Additional guidance is provided by seven core values: confidence, continuous development, flight safety, results orientation, agility, humility and partnership. We have also studied how organisation values match the values of the service members and how an individual can witness the appearance of these values in his or her work.

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