Sidsel Winther Storaas

Sidsel Winther Storaas (43) has more than 20 years of experience in quality and risk management in various sectors of the maritime industry in Norway, from shipping, insurance and oil and gas industries. She has particular expertise in strategic quality management and has as primary goal to create a structure and culture in the organization for their people to perform. She holds an MSc degree in Marine Technology, has a degree in Marine & Energy Insurance as well as education within quality management, project management and project control.


Reference positions:

  • President of the board of the Norwegian Society for Quality and Risk Management
  • Leading advisor, Corporate management systems, Statoil
  • Leading advisor, Corporate management systems, Statoil
  • Quality and Risk Manager in projects Gimboa and Aasta Hansteen, Statoil
  • Leading advisor in quality management in projects, Statoil
  • Construction Monitoring of car carriers, Leif Höegh & Co in South Korea
  • Quality Manager, Hoegh Fleet Services



Compliance and leadership in Statoil ASA

After a short introduction about Statoil, I will give a lecture about a highly successful method rolled out in the entire Statoil organization called “Compliance and Leadership”. From the very beginning as an “A-standard” used on the installations on the continental shelf, this method has gained widespread success and is used throughout the Statoil organisation, from the corporate executive committee to the operators on board our platforms.

The Compliance and Leadership is a framework for managing risk and delivering high performance. The model enables us to achieve the desired precision and quality when we plan, execute and evaluate all tasks. By working according to the model, we can all contribute to create a safer and more competitive workplace. Compliance and leadership is not a short-term campaign. This is how we work at Statoil.

An overall objective for Statoil is to ensure safe and efficient operations. This requires stable and high performance with little variation. The compliance and leadership model answer this requirement because it emphasis precision and quality in the planning phase for all tasks. The model has been used in our organization for almost ten years, refined and simplified over time. But where did it start?

On December 24th in year 2000, Hydro was hard hit by a fatal accident on one of its platforms in the North Sea. Massive criticisms by the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate and society, directed a course through radical self-examination, revealing the actual condition of the company’s HSE with respect to management systems and culture. Reports revealed an overemphasis on management systems (structure) however,

a lacking focus on the culture dimension, especially involving individual and group behaviour. Based on the just criticism of an imbalance between structure and culture, the company established a value-based proficiency training programme. The programme was based on the notion that culture change depends on changes in individual and group behaviour anchored in the Company’s and individuals’ values.

The programme identified a need for leadership to secure and enhance the elements within daily practices. The aim was to improve the leaders’ skills as a communicator, role model and coach in order to promote a culture of performance. A model of “Compliance and leadership” was formalized in 2011 and became a part of the management system. An important step was taken to ensure continuous control of risk in everything we do.

From 2010 systematic trainings were executed. Managers at all levels were trained. Off-shore managers and employees have had work-shops and presentations. Also suppliers has been trained to implement C&L in own organizations. The aim is to build the compliance and leadership model (C&L) into the company’s culture.

2013 was a record year without recorded incidents with major accident potential on the Norwegian continental shelf. This indicates improved risk awareness, better planning- and learning – which together secure more precise deliveries within the organization - and a success for the compliance and leadership programme.

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