Li Yan

Li Yan got the master degree in engineering from University of Science and Technology of China with majored at computer application technology. After graduation, Ms. Li entered into the Academy of Opto-Electronics of China Academy of Sciences and has worked for nearly 20 years in the field of aerospace technology. Mr. Li has long been engaged in quality management, i. e. building quality management system, operation management and maintenance. She is also responsible for quality management of the payload and the first experiment satellite in Beidou (compass) satellite.



Establishment of Quality Management System at Institution

Modern quality management was originated from high volume industrial product. After nearly a century of development, International Organization for Standardization (ISO/TC176) formed an international standards in 1987, which was widely recognized worldwide.

Research activity at institution shifts fundamental method into applicable technology, which is an innovation process with uncertainty and has bias with controllability of quality management. It is need to explore how to utilize systematic thinking and process approach from quality management system into innovative exploration process, with the aim for institution to improve the quality of research activity and quality management system.

This paper attempts to analyze the characteristics of different types of research activities and product forms, utilize systematic thinking from quality management to conduct classified management, streamline the product realization process of ISO9001 according to R&D processes at research activities, conduct process control with PDCA methodology of quality management, shift research activities from result-oriented into process-oriented, accumulate innovative idea by process control and standardize innovative achievement systematically.

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